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Stephen Kinzer

Stephen Kinzer was a New York Times correspondent.

Teresa Rivera Lopez

Teresa Rivera Lopez worked as a janitor in DC. She later served on the Executive Board of SEIU Local 82.

Thomas Donahue

Thomas Donahue was the secretary-treasurer of the AFL-CIO from 1979 to 1995. He served as president in 1995 and president emeritus since 1996.

Tim Ruben

Tim Ruben was the president and CEO of USSI (1998-present).

Tim Segal

Tim Segal was the director of SEIU's Initiative 35 campaign.

Trish Feely

Trish Feely worked at SEIU Local 82.

Vincent Mark Policy

Vincent Mark Policy worked as an attorney with Greenstein, DeLorme & Luchs, representing AOBA in their opposition of the Real Property Assessment and Tax Amendments Act.