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Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy (R) served as the U.S. Senator from Wisconsin from 1947 to 1957.

Joslyn Williams

Joslyn Williams was president of the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO.

Juan Bolanos

Juan Bolanos was a janitor in Washington, DC, who worked for USSI.

Juan Milanes

Juan Milanes was the lawyer for SEIU organizers Jose Lindolfo Caraballo and Mauricio Vasquez when they sued USSI in 1994.

Katherine Meyer

Katherine Meyer was a lawyer for Jay Hessey during the legal controversy over his proposed Real Property Assessment and Tax Amendments Act ballot initiative.

Kevin Merida

Kevin Merida was a journalist for the Washington Post.

Lane Kirkland

Lane Kirkland was president of the AFL-CIO from 1979 to 1995.

Larry Engelstein

Larry Engelstein was a lawyer for SEIU.